An Introduction to Parapsychology

Parapsychology is the study of paranormal or superhuman experiences and events, such as hauntings, near-death experiences, and alien abductions. In the present, parapsychology is considered a pseudoscience because it appears to be scientific but lacks any empirical evidence or scientific method to back up that claim. During this course you will be introduced to the field of Parapsychology and learn the basic history and ideas behind each phenomena that falls under this heading such as: ● Telepathy ● Precognition ● Clairvoyance and the other “Clairs” ● Mediumship ● Psychokinesis ● Near Death Experience ● Reincarnation ● ESP ● Remote Viewing

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Introduction to Paranormal Investigation

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 Love watching the shows? Interested in learning what “Ghost Hunting” is all about? Join us for this Introduction to Paranormal Investigating. We will go over Safety, terms and expressions, Do’s and Dont’s of the field, protecting yourself as well as sharing experiences and answering any questions you may have.

Paranormal Toolbox

In The Paranormal Toolbox, we will review some of the safety precautions we learned in Introduction to Paranormal Investigating then we will focus on some of the basic equipment as well as some of our more complex investigating tools. You will learn Pros & Cons of each and why we use them. This class is open to anyone though, taking Introduction to Paranormal Investigating first is advised.

Paranormal pictures with Jamie

Coming soon! Learn the different ways spirit makes itself known in pictures.  Learn to identify true orbs, etc., and differentiate them from orbs, shapes and shadows that are derived from natural phenomenon.