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Kim Landini co-founder/tutor/medium

Kim is a very well known spirit medium, oracle card reader, gallery reader, certified hypnotherapist, author and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She received her Reiki training from Northeastern University and New England Baptist Hospital in Boston. Kim has been working with the paranormal since childhood and is eager to help others on their personal journeys. She has studied with renowned psychics and mediums from the United States, England, and Australia. Kim also has a BA in English and education. Kim’s goal in this work is to bring peace, love, an awareness of the reality of the other side and closure for those who need it. Kim is also an English teacher and teacher of psychic arts. 

Deb Kennedy co-founder/tutor

Deb is the owner of A Touch of Magick, located in Uxbridge, MA.  Deb's journey as a spiritual mentor began years ago in Salem, MA.  She inspires everyone she comes in contact with to dive deeper within themselves and seek universal truths.

Angela Rondeau

Angela is an expressive intuitive artist. After picking up her beloved mothers brushes to help her with her grief and mental health; she discovered her own magickal abilities with a paint brush to a canvas. She is inspired by her mom & all things magickal. Her classes range from canvas, a hand painted lighted fairy bottles, Witch Balls and more!! Interested in booking a private paint night with your friends & family but don't want it at your house.. Girls night, Birthday party, Holiday party, Remembrance night in honor of a loved one or just a needed night out!! 

Bonnie Cathryn psychic medium/reader/anxiety coach

Bonnie Cathryn's journey with mediumship and paranormal experiences has been life long.  As an accomplished psychic medium, Bonnie devotes her skills to individual readings, gallery events and paranormal investigations. Bonnie is a strong advocate for mental health\ and wellness. Bonnie Cathryn  has an MS in mental health. As an anxiety strategist, Bonnie created the BP3 method: A mind, body and spirit approach to master anxiety. Bonnie offers both spiritual and professional skills to readings and classes.

Cindy craft master/palmist

Our craft master Cindy has been using her talents to lead clients through creative experiences for years. A local craftsman experienced in macrame, decoupage, sewing, crochet, vision boards, gnomes, wreaths and more.  Cindy also adds certified palmistry to her repertoire.

Ellie Lewis tutor

Ellie is an upcoming pagan in the Witchcraft community. She works at A Touch of Magick while still attending high school, and owns her own small business called El’s Creations. Her products consist of all kinds of spell jar jewelry, as well as beaded jewelry and she also teaches classes about an array of topics. As an empath, she has a comforting vibe and can help with any question you may have. She plans on using the money she makes from her business to pay for college!

Emily Traylor tarot card reader/tutor

Emily is an intuitive tarot reader, medium, and reiki master. She has seen spirits her entire life and has always had a fascination for all things paranormal and spiritual, beginning as a teenager providing readings for friends and family. Following her nursing degree from Salem State University, she started to pursue her abilities connecting with spirit and reading tarot cards more intensely, and has been in love with every minute of it. She’s found her passion in connecting with clients and their loved ones who have passed, while sharing laughter, tears, and comfort knowing that the ones we love most aren’t ever truly gone, just on the other side of a door we haven’t walked through yet.

Gina Forleo oracle card reader

Gina enjoys helping customers and making spell jars.  Gina is also a full-time Mom of two adorable children.  Since early childhood Gina has been susceptible to seeing shadowy figures and it wasn't until her early twenties, she realized she was spiritually gifted.  Gina is so excited to get to know you, so be sure to book an appointment with her soon!

Heather Lynne tarot reader

With a BA in Psychology, Heather has always known the power of the mind. She always felt an intuitive/empathic pull to life but never had a name for it. Now as a level 2 Reiki practitioner, tarot reader, and blossoming medium, she loves exploring the potential we all have and helping others on their own path of discovery.

Heather Wheeler lenormand reader/paranormal tutor

Heather became interested in the paranormal as a teen when she had her first experience with something unexplainable. Then when she lost her dad in her early 20’s she started to really try to communicate with the other side. After taking some time out to focus on her family, she came back full force into the paranormal, resulting in her opening her business some years later in 2021. She has been a paranormal investigator for years now. She has been especially interested in how the equipment she uses does what it does. She also loves teaching people within the paranormal field, especially those just getting started. All this and a Lenormand card reader. 

Holly Gauthier oracle reader/medium

Holly uses her spiritual gifts of psychic mediumship and intuition to assist others on their healing journey. She uses oracle cards and other modalities in her readings. Holly experienced spiritual activities in her life beginning at age 4 into adulthood. This lead her to research and learn about her gifts so she may help others. Outside the 'magickal' realm, Holly is an educator, a wife, and mother. She enjoys spending time with her family, painting, crafting, gardening, and learning about the paranormal. 

Jamie Bates tutor/photographer

Born and raised in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, I have been an artist since chilBorn and raised in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, I have been an artist since childhood, and taking photos since middle school. I graduated from Framingham State University in 2001 and New England School of Photography's Professional Photography Program in 2003. I'm trained in classical portrait photography as well as Photoshop and other digital photographic manipulation. Blending my love for the magical things in life with portrait photography, my fantasy composite portraits are a unique product that very few photography studios are offering to the public. I absolutely love working with my clients to create one-of-a-kind portraits that they can proudly display for generations to come. I realized my dream of opening Wicked Depiction Photography Studio in 2018, and the rest is history! 

Johanna Mancuso, BSN, RN, tutor/herbalist

Johanna is a practicing nurse and herbalist, she is also the founder of Arborvitae Botanicals, Uxbridge, MA,. Johanna is a graduate of UMass Boston and The Boston School of Herbal Studies, Johanna is a Master level Reiki practitioner of the USUI system of Reiki natural and an Advanced IET practioner. As an herbalist and healer, Johanna's goals and practices include providing community teaching, herbal products and services, which are supportive to community health care needs of body, mind, and spirit. 

Kay oracle card reader/medium

Kay is a psychic medium who has also trained in Reiki (master level), tarot cards, oracle cards, angel work, and crystals. Through her mentor and teacher, Kim Landini, she has honed in on her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. She uses the CERT method and oracle cards to relay messages from spirit. Kay has a masters degree in education and has worked in the public school system as an elementary school teacher for over 4 decades. She also enjoys reading, quilting, painting, and various other artsy hobbies. 

Lisa Lamothe oracle card reader/reiki practioner 

My name is Lisa Lamothe, I have been studying the psychic arts for about 4 years. I have known since I was a young child that I had a connection to the spirit world. but in 2020 when the world shut down, I opened myself up. I am an intuitive who loves reading oracle cards, connecting with spirit and using my empathic nature to help others find peace and comfort. I have also been a Reiki 2 practioner since 2012. 

Renea Warnock psychic oracle & tarot reader

Renea is an oracle and tarot card reader/psychic, born and raised in the Boston Mass area. Renea learned tarot at an early age from her mother. As she practiced tarot, she felt more drawn towards reading oracle cards, as am intuitive practice. Renea has been studying and developing her mediumship skills for years. 


Tapahia Heke  teacher, superhero reader/intuitive

Tapahia is of Maori descent from New Zealand, and is former teacher, learning advisor and comic aficionado, He has 28 years experience in education, youth support and spiritual mentorship.  Tapahia is also the creator of an empowerment tool known as superhero reading.  He now helps people utilize the hidden abilities lurking within. It's fun. It's creative, but most of all, it really helps

Valerie Wild Owl tutor/tarot/animal communicator

Valerie is a semi-retired RN, MA-Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, Tarot Reader, Oracle Card Reader, and Animal Communicator. She has, since 1989, been honing and expanding her intuitive skills through practice and taking classes with well known, established teachers/practitioners. Through all the this, the desire to help people through their healing process called her to become a nurse as well as a practitioner of the above mentioned therapeutic modalities. She considers herself a healing facilitator who assists in the client's self-healing. Valerie leads classes and practice sessions in metaphysical and healing subjects.

Victoria Guidotti reader/reiki master/IET practitioner

Victoria is a Reiki Master, Level 1 Homeopathic Intuitive, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist, and long distance healer. Victoria has been studying IET for years and can surely help you on your way to a more balanced mind, body and spirit. She is truly gifted. 

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